google nest audio review

Google Nest Audio Review


Google Nest Audio Review

Google Smart Speaker has been called by many names since the launch of Google Home worldwide in 2016. If you go against the powerful Echo speakers of Amazon, invest in Android and Google’s ecosystem or Google’s coverage for IoT gadgets is best suited for you. Enlisted to work with Google Assistant. In addition to the smart stuff, you also want to make the speaker good, which Google has promised with its latest smart speaker, Google Nest Audio.

Price Rs. 7,999, Google Nest Audio is the long-awaited Google Home. It is an absolutely great speaker, with reliable access to Google Assistant and all its functions and services, looks sophisticated, looks great, and ensures great sound. Google claims Nest Audio is 75 percent more powerful than Google Homes and has 50 percent more powerful bass, and I look forward to testing them. In our review, read everything you need to know about Google Nest Audio.

Google Nest Audio Design and Specification

The original Google Home had a distinctive design, with distinctive fabrics, plain plastic, and a sloping surface that left no room in some homes. Google Nest Audio looks exactly like the latest Nest products, it seems that the Google Nest Mini was launched at the end of 2019. Nothing happened here; The speaker is covered with cloth and is completely symmetrical from all angles.

This is a good thing because it gives the speaker the ability and ability to mix in your outfits. The charcoal gray color option remotely resembles a pebble, and in normal operation there are no visible buttons or lights on the front or top. You can also opt for white lime if you want. The indicator lights flash backwards on the fabric, while being touch sensitive allows you to control the playback and volume of music. The microphone tilt switch is on the back, like Google’s only icon.

Like most smart speakers, Google Nest Audio does not have a battery. The included power adapter is plugged into the back of the speaker, and you need to continuously operate the Nest Audio to work. The device consists of three remote microphones that allow you to listen to the Awake command and follow the instructions.

Google Nest Audio has a 75 mm mid-woofer and a 19 mm tweeter for sound. The connection is via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5, and has a built-in Chromecast for audio templates for compatible devices. With 3.5mm audio input, there is no possibility of wiring here.

Other Google-powered smart speakers, such as the Google Nest Mini and Mi Smart Speaker, Google Nest Audio must be set using the Google Home app. You need to connect the speaker to your home WiFi, connect it to your Google account for personal responses, and connect to services such as SpotFi and YouTube Music for easy access via voice commands. Family members can access voice matching features and personal responses through their own Google accounts.

Once set up, you have access to Google Assistant, which can play music through connected streaming services, answer questions through Google’s extensive search capabilities, and connect to your home May control IoT devices. During my time with the speaker, I often use it to control the robot’s smart bulbs and vacuum cleaners, and I also have Google Assistant support with small appliances such as timers, alarms, and reminders.

Google Nest Audio Showcase

As a true alternative to the Google homepage, Nest Audio is able to improve the original quality when it comes to sound quality, along with other options that were naturally launched in between. Now, Google Nest Audio has purchased Rs. 10,000. It is noisy, efficient and works flawlessly when it is connected to a stable, fast internet connection.

You have the option of using Bluetooth to play music. It also works without an internet connection, all you have to do is connect your smartphone to the speaker while online. While this may sound good enough, Google Nest Audio works best when using web-based functionality, live streaming of music and audio, or using Chromecast Audio for playback.

Google claims that Nest Audio is not loud and punchy; This speaker actually sounds better than its predecessors, and it also sounds better than the Amazon Echo (3G General) launched in late 2019. The sound is sharp, sophisticated and detailed for a speaker of its size, it goes with a sound signature. The heavy sound of the Mi Smart speaker, it is natural and consistent.

The microphone system worked well for me. Nest Audio heard the word Awakening in a large room, playing loudly with background noise and music on the speaker. Voice commands are easy to understand, and the Google Assistant voice matching feature works well for separating my voice and the voices of other family members.

The skills recorded by the well-documented Google Assistant continue to grow, and the voice editor has improved even more over the years. Other than listening to music, I have no problem controlling connected smart devices and devices, or getting answers to strangely trivial things to settle disputes in the home. Even at a distance of about 3 meters, the device received commands and responded well.