BolSubol Mobile App Launched to display poll statistics and economic data

For the convention elections to be held in four states and one union territory, a startup has released a mobile app with survey data and data on the country’s economy. Company officials said before exercising their authority.

Start-up Democrats started — Bolshoi’s application is averaging over 60 years, with economic and political information about all constituencies in India, he says.

“Apart from the efforts of the Election Commission, it seems that political parties have done little to improve the electorate. Therefore, this application has been launched. It will provide a powerful micro-blogging tool,” said Ritesh Verma . , One of the directors of the company on Friday

Most digital sites associated with the area are social networking applications. Seshagiri Angondi, another director of the company, said that this would not help voters to take decisions based on facts.

There is an electoral knowledge game that users can play, and most of the features of the app are free, the official said.

“Users have to pay for some aspects of the mobile app,” he said. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry will go to polls on April 6 and Assam will go to polls on March 27 in three phases. There will be eight phase elections in West Bengal from March 27 to April 29. Votes will be counted on 2 May.