Apple HomePod Mini Review

Apple HomePod Mini Review


Apple HomePod Mini Review

However, later in the smart speaker segment compared to Google and Amazon, Apple introduced the song Home in 2018. The speaker reached India within two years after the global launch. 19,900. Like many Apple products, HomePot is built to run seamlessly within Apple’s ecosystem, with special connectivity and voice-over support thanks to Apple’s own technologies such as AirPlay and Siri. If the size or price of the homepage is a major factor in your purchasing decision, Apple’s latest release can also easily make one of its smart speakers.

Insert a smaller and cheaper smart speaker, priced at Rs, into the Apple HomePot Mini. 9,900 Rs. Launched in conjunction with the iPhone 12 series, the HomePot Mini is Apple’s attempt to make the smart speaker range more accessible while retaining the capabilities of a larger homepot. How Good is the Home Pot Mini? Learn in our review.

Apple Homepod Mini Design and Specification

The Mini ‘labeling in the Homepot series is as accurate as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini; The Homepot Mini has a smaller form factor, but has a set of features similar to a larger Homepot. However, Apple has changed the shape drastically, with the smaller device playing with a circular body rather than the cylindrical shape of the larger domestic pot.

The size fits well, and the Home Bot Mini is the best compact smart speaker you can buy today. The outside of the speaker has a soft, mesh fabric cover that adds an attractive design. The bottom has a thicker texture, and is the dog you see only the Apple logo on the device; Strange to hide completely from view in normal operation. The Home Pat Mini is available in two colors – white and space gray – and although my white review unit looks good, gray looks good, I think, and discoloration is high. From the dust and dirt of the house.

The speaker is top touch sensitive for sound control and background and interacts with Siri. There are no body buttons or ports anywhere on the device. Unlike other smart speakers, the power cable is fixed, while the USB Type-C plug on the other side connects to the included power adapter. This means that the HomePot Mini will always run when plugged in, and will always connect to your WiFi when set.

The controls are very simple – the touch areas for the module are marked with icons, while there are several functional areas that control both playback and Siri. Of course, the microphone is always on and listening, so you can control the volume and background using the Sir Hey Siri alert. While other smart speakers have physical switches to disable the microphone, you can disable Siri from the Home app on iOS on the HomePot Mini.

I need an iOS device to install and control the HomePot Mini, and I used my iPod Mini (2019) to complete the process via the Home app. Although it took some time to get it, the process was easy and reliable and after that the home bot worked well for me. Apple sent me two HomePot mini units, so I was able to set and test the stereo connectivity mode as well. If you choose, you can use multiple units for traditional multi-room connections.

The Home app gives you access to most of the settings associated with the HomePot Mini, and also allows you to play music directly on the speaker while using your iOS device as a controller. It also has the ability to control ‘com intercom’, a new feature that allows users to send messages directly to specific Apple devices, as well as broadcast messages to all of your home devices. You can set and control the sound of any HomeKit compatible IoT Jewelry in your home using HomePot Mini.

Additionally, even after the Big Sur update, I noticed that stereo connectivity was not supported by the MacOS system in my MacBook Air. When online, the two speakers meet separately, and I can choose one for the audio system, but I cannot use them together as a stereo system. Using an Apple app such as Apple Music or Apple TV on my laptop allows the speaker to be used as a stereo pair, but this is not the correct situation to use on my computer.

Like the larger Homepot, the Homepot Mini also works with Siri Voice Assistant and Apple Music to stream music directly via voice command. This means that you will need an active Apple Music subscription on the account associated with the smart speaker to play music as requested. The device also supports the purchase of iTunes Music, Apple Music Radio (for free streaming), Apple podcasts and news stories. You can use AirPlay to stream compatible devices from some other services like Spotify, which I was able to do with my iPad mini.