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Amazon Prime Video Android App Update Now Allows You To Change Episodes Of Tv Shows

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Amazon Prime Video Android App Update Now Allows You To Change Episodes Of Tv Shows

Amazon Prime Video features a number of features that allow users to mix and match TV show episodes and play randomly. The new feature is now only available on the Amazon Prime Video Android app, and the selection of the show has some other limitations. The purpose of this feature is to help users find content that they can search in a much better way without searching – preferable if you want to reuse old styles or children’s cartoons.

This feature is now available for Android devices and when we review it it will be available in our app. The shuffle function will only show episodes of the specific show you’ve chosen – and it’s very limited to episodes in the same period or collection, so it doesn’t capture a horror scene in the middle of cartoon pink, for example. Netflix works on a similar feature, but Amazon seems to have won it for wide release here.

Amazon Prime Video users who see some appeal with this feature are more likely to watch sitcoms, especially older shows multiple times. Since the sequence of viewing stages in this type of show is not important, it can be useful for viewers to quickly capture content – even within a certain period of time – with minimal interruptions that are selected is needed. Such a feature can also be used with children’s content, where it has an incredible impact on the specific situation and visual sequence experience.

Netflix has been testing a similar feature since August 2020, and announced that it will be released to all users in 2021. Performance varies, and changes to the entire Netflix list to select a topic are completely random, while Amazon’s implementation requires the user first to randomly select an individual episode within those parameters. Please select a show and season before.

Although the feature now appears to be available only on Android, it will eventually roll out on other platforms such as iOS, Fire TV and Android TV. Of course, such a feature may not be very useful for watching TV show orders that follow a linear plot, but it should be attractive to those who watch their favorite shows again.